Smartphone Money

These days everyone has a smartphone, and whether you’re an Android lover, Windows mobile newbie, Apple fanatic, or dedicated to Blackberry, you can start using your smartphone today to earn money. No, I’m absolutely not talking about wireless telemarketing, I am talking about tested and proven methods which will have you making legitimate cash with only your smartphone.

You can start earning smartphone money today, and here are 4 ways to getting started right now.

1. Get Paid To Test Apps realme

Apps like WeReward and Daily Feats operate on a pay per use basis, meaning every time you use their app to update, add or complete a new task, you earn money. Couldn’t be simpler, right? It’s like being a secret shopper but not having to leave the comfort of your own home to do so, nor having to spend any money doing so.

2. Social Media Advertising

Get paid for promoting products and sites on your existing social profiles. Companies will pay you simply for completing a short subscribe form and passing it along to your friends. Keep in mind, this is all done directly from your smartphone, so its short and sweet and to the point. You will start earning right away. The more people you’re able to reach, the greater your mobile income. With all the social networking sites operating today, you will have no problem reaching goals you set for yourself. I cannot stress enough how easy this is. Your smartphone will be your employee, and you will be the boss who checks in every now and then.

3. Create Mobile Affiliate Campaigns

This method has been tried and tested on the internet and has proven to be, and still continues to be a very lucrative way for affiliates to earn money. Just recently has the affiliate chain reached the mobile scene and there are tons of ways you could be earning huge commissions right now. Check out Star Partner, Belboon, or even T-Mobile in the USA for mobile affiliate links. In return for promoting the companies product or service, you will earn based on sales. And in the affiliate scene, commissions are usually above 60% per sale!

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