5 Things You Didn’t Know About Watch Phones

Watch phones are the next modern invention in the era of smart phones. A smart watch is a wristwatch that does more than just keep time. It is comparable to a personal assistant but in this case a digital personal assistant device. Basically, it is a smart phone merged with a wrist watch and thus it gets its name -a wrist phone. It’s new in the market and thus people are quite inquisitive about its features and its advantages over a normal wristwatch. As an answer to all your queries, here are five things that you didn’t know about the latest invention of the watch phone.

Watch phones generally do come with Android: blood pressure monitor watch

Watch phones generally come with android while some of the cheaper ones may not. It all depends on the price range and the company you wish to get it from. Watch phones with Android coming in the latest version i.e. android 4.0.

All watch phones have great gaming systems:

Almost every watch phone can perform the basic functions of calculations, translations and game playing, etc. Thus it is a very good option for gaming addicts as a watch phone will always be there on your wrist to satisfy your gaming hunger. The sound quality is truly impressive, considering it’s a watch.

It’s a phone:

Many smart watches run mobile apps, with some running a mobile operating system functioning as portable media players, offering the user to listen to the FM. Audio and video files can also be transferred via a Bluetooth headset. The latest versions of these phones possess full mobile phone capabilities i.e. making or answering phone calls. This would mean that one can be hands-free in all kinds of life situations besides the car-an added point for all the busy bodies out there.

Spectacular features:

These phones recently have been developed to have multiple fascinating features for the user, including a camera, accelerometer, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, calculator, GPS navigation, speaker, scheduler, etc. A new invention bursting with excellent features would undoubtedly be the watch phone. All of these phones come with spunky multicolored straps to give them a modern look and make them the latest style quotient for people.

It is actually not a just launched thing:

The first digital watch, Pulsar was launched in 1972 and it was manufactured by the Hamilton Watch Company which could store 24 digits, making it the first watch with user-programmable memory. Pulsar incidentally is the brand that was much later acquired by Seiko; the leading watch manufacturer today way back in 1978. afterward, Casio began to market a rather successful range of “computer watches” in addition to its “calculator watches”. Novelty “game watches” such as the Nelson game watches, were also produced by Casio and other companies. Thus while watch phones have gained popularity only recently, the concept of digitalized watches that do more than tell just the time has been prevalent since the early 1970’s.

Basically, it’s a computer:

Since man-made a basic computer, his predecessors have been trying to add more and more features to it and make it as compact as possible. Man has decided to make a computer an ornament and place it on his wrist. The watch is however quite huge but it is beautifully disguised to hide its hugeness. Moreover, another feature that is fast catching up among all the watch phones is that if you have is placed the phone or tablet the watch has been paired with, the watch can make it chime to help one find it and vice versa. It’s essentially the range of the Bluetooth which is what keeps the watch and the device connected.

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